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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday May Ann!

Yesterday, hubby and I were invited for a birthday party of my pinay friend May Ann. My pinay friends and I had a lot of fun coz the birthday girl is so funny. She's making faces and act like a clown which makes everybody laugh out loud. Hubby said it was a loud party. Well, I enjoyed and got tired of laughing. I think my face needs a facial massage from laughing so hard yesterday. hahaha That's the good part of having Pinay gatherings here which I think Pinays abroad miss so much. Here are the photos of yesterday's event.

The birthday girl with her husband and sister from New Jersey.

Sharing the cake to everybody. Ang gulo! haha

I'm just watching them coz the birthday girl gave me a big slice of cake. I should avoid sweets coz it's not good for me and the baby but eating once in a while doesn't hurt, right? Besides, I only ate less than half of it. I gave the other half to hubby. :)

The birthday girl, me and my Pinay friends.

The husbands were watching TV while the kids were having fun playing with other kids.
Bringing home the left overs. Di daw kasi pwedeng umuwi ang walang dala. haha

They forgot the red wine. haha Before going home, cheers muna. Pero bawal akong uminom kaya nakitawa na lang. ^_^


Lynn said...

Hello Mich!

Kasadya oi. Missed my friends tuloy. (",)

Ilocana said...

Yap, we really had a good time didn't we?. May is totally crazier than ever, ha,ha ha,

WeblogLearner said...

That looks like a very good gathering for everyone. I wish her a happy birthday as well. Happy faces, happy photos. ^^

Take care Buntis.

Cecile n' Matt said...

chelle, thanks for voting :-) pls vote again tomorrow till sunday at , salamat! ang saya saya naman, kakainggit :-)

Michelle said...

Lynn: nah grabe jud mi ka lingaw kay nag kiningkoy ang nag birthday. nanakit na gud akong aping ug kinatawa. :)

ilocana: yeah, i really had fun last saturday. :)

webloglearner: the photos really shows that we had a lot of fun on that day. as in LOL! :)

cecille n matt: hehe super saya nga. parang nasa Pinas kami, ang ingay2. :)