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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicken soup with no chicken

We bought a rotisserie chicken and I save the bones for the soup. I saw this frugal way of making a soup using the chicken bones at the food network show. So I tried it and it really worked. The soup is so yummy. I just add water to the bones then cooked (left over) rice, carrots, ginger and scallions. Boil and simmer til the rice becomes soft. Serve hot as a snack. :)


Lynn said...

nice ha, tipid kay wala nay manok. thank u for sharing your recipe, mitch. u gave me an idea. :)

Lynn said...

got something for u pala, mitch...

Ilocana said...

Hey Chelle, food tripping again 2morrow sa Royal??? Nasa mood ka na ba Dhay? Thinking Thursday para makasama si Shiela...Let me know oki doc...ty

Ilocana said...

I'll check if Mrs.MB and Mrs.JD are available Friday. No problem sa ride. I'll pick you up ok. (Kulit ko no.)^_^ Yon nga lang wala si Shiela...You think that's a good plan??? If you are not sure then I'll just cancel it,, it's lonely without you, ya know..Charing!ha,ha,ha!

Anonymous said...

Tig tanawan sad diay ka ug food network channel Michelle, ako sad pero kaso lang akong mga tawo dri sa balay kay dili hilig mangaon ug soup, kung magluto ko ako ra usa mokaon hehehe

Michelle said...

lynn: korek, tipid jud nya dali ra himuon kay salin raman. hehe btw, thanks sa tag. :)

ilocana: i can go out tomorrow. if hubby arrive early then i'll just drive to royal so you don't need to pick me up. pa reserve ba tayo ng crawfish bukas? hahaha

simplymama: yeah, i like to watch the food network. it's nice to learn something new about cooking though i don't follow what the chef's do. hehe