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Friday, November 21, 2008

Early Thanksgiving dinner

The Assisted Living Facility where my mother-in-law live had an early thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Hubby and I had a reservation last week so we went there and join with the rest of the residents with their families also. I think there are some whom families didn't attend so they're in a separate table. I enjoyed listening to the violin playing the soundtrack of the "sound of music" movie. Another couple was with us in the same table with the mom who's also one of the residents here and they brought their 4 months old baby. He is sooo cute! I can't stop staring at him. :) Anyways, the food was great except for the candied yam. I liked the carrot cake too as my dessert but I didn't finish it coz the icing is too sweet and I'm full already. haha I'm still thinking what to make for next week's thanksgiving but I'm sure hubby and I will bake turkey and I'll cook my delicious stuffing that hubby like.


Lynn said...

next week pa diay ang thanksgiving, thought yesterday. hope you'd share your stuffing recipe, mitch. wa pa jud ko katilaw anang stuffed turkey ba. turkey lang pero dili stuffed. hehe.


Kerslyn said...

hi sis! was here...I have issue with leaving a comment here kay wala man name/url lang but since I need to, I'll use my dormant blogger ID. a tag for you here..

Happy weekend!

WeblogLearner said... are getting so "maternal" na Mich... I bet you are so excited to have your baby na... malapit na!

Michelle said...

lynn: i think it's better to share my stuffing recipe after i cook it so i can post a photo also. medyo kuti pero ni hubby pa the best stuffing daw nga iyang natilawan so far. naks! :)

kerslyn: ay, sowee. maayo kay naka leave ka ug comment. thanks for the tag. :)

webloglearner: haha yeah, in fact i'm now acting like crazy talking to my tummy or my baby's ultrasound coz i can now feel that there's really something inside me responding of what i said. but im still enjoying the baby inside me. i don't want the baby to come out too soon yet, takot pa akong manganak kasi ang labor daw is very painful talaga. tinakot ba kita? hehe pero sabi din naman ng iba it's really worth it pag nakita mo na ang anak mo. :)