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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Me? Fairy God-Mother Preggy?

That's what my two girl friends said last Thursday night while we had our dinner at Outback steakhouse. We planned to meet at 6:00 - 6:30 pm at the restaurant then my friend called me and said that it's dark there coz there's no electricity so they just stayed in the car. I arrived there I think in less than 10 mins. and man, it's really dark in there. The only lights I can see are from the cars and the police car. Looks like the stores didn't have generators except for one grocery store that has dim lights outside and I think the inside too. I then started looking for my friend's car so I can park close to them and maybe decide if we go somewhere else that has electricity. I finally found my friend's car so I parked close to them. I asked my friends if the restaurant is open or not and when my friend is about to ask, the electricity was back. We laughed coz it seems that I'm the one bringing the power back. haha My friends said that pregnant women are lucky. So they said that I'm the fairy God-mother preggy that night. Funny! But we're so lucky that night coz normally Outback steakhouse here is full even at 5 pm but that night we didn't wait for an hour or two just to have a seat. ^_^


Nancy said...

musta last, nakalaag ra jud ko ug balik sa blogosphere. happy Sunday, hope you're doing ok :-)

Geraldine Anne said...

hi there! bisaya ka?.. ako pd! hehehe... I'm geraldine from iligan :).. enweis...can i ExLink with u? Thanks :)

Lynn said...

hello mitch!

yep, heard that too that pregnant women are lucky. how i really wish it's true kay inig ma buntis ko usab, mutaya ko lotto. LOL.


DebbieDana said...

I have to agree that pregnant women brings luck! :)

More luck to come for you! Goodluck on your pregnancy.

Thank you so much by the way for your birthday greetings for my husband.

Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Michelle...pretty preggy and becoming mommy soon...