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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

33 weeks and 2 days

Just me at 33 weeks and 2 days. My tummy and legs are getting heavier and got some ligament pain almost everyday. It made me so lazy to go out.


Scotty's Princess said...

Hala! Hapit na jud mugawas ang Baby chelle! I'm so excited for u! Take care!

NovaS said...

hmmmm.. you still looked sexy my dear....

Ilocana said...

There,, you look more like a preggy now, he,he. Hmm, getting ready for the baby's room, I presume? I noticed that white chest of drawers and the cute little lamp on the background, he,he.. Looking great Michelle! ^_^

Well, I guess I waited a little too late to check my blog and got the message late as well.. I was busy yesterday and had a bone scan schedule @ 11:15 and ended up almost around 5.. Anyway, I'll try to call Shiela today and see if she can make it this Friday. If not then, either re-schedule it for the next week or go Thursday without you,,(oh I hate saying that.) The gang ain't complete without you,,he,he.We'll see okay doc..

Ilocana said...

Hey, I talked to Shiela this morning and told her that you and Ate M.B may not be able to come. And guess what? She still wants to go coz she needed to go and get a Valentine's card for her hubby, ^_^

Anyway, Surin of Thailand is the best bet compare to Royal Chinese and Japanese Resto. So, perhaps we might see you again there? He,he,he..

Michelle said...

Scotty's princess: Yeah, the baby is almost ready to come out na and the clock is ticking so fast lately. I'm excited to see the baby na. :)

NovaS: Thanks sistah for the nice compliment. :)

Ilocana: Thanks a lot for the compliment. Yeah, still trying to figure out of what to do with the baby's corner. Can't think straight and do everything when there are lots of stuff around. :)

Lynn said...

dako na jud diay imo tummy, sis. pero gladly wa ka nanambok taman sama sa uban no. mayo pud. :)

Michelle said...

Bitaw, nidako na jud akong tiyan. Pero nilapas ko sa akong target nga dapat nako ma gain nga weight kay kung normal daw nga weight 25 lbs lang ang kinahanglan ma gain nga weight then kung underweight dapat 35 lbs nya kung overweight, 15 lbs lang. Pero akong na gain is 28 lbs na then i still have 6 weeks to go which i should gain 1 lb a week. ngek! im still trying to control my sugar and sodium intake kay hadlok ko ma CS but the practitioner told me not to worry about gaining weight coz the baby is growing nya di daw jud ko motambok. maayo unta ug tinuod kay nah maglisod na sad kog ginhawa kung motambok ko. unsaon na lang. ^_^