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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hubby and I had an early celebration today for the Valentine's Day. I wasn't really planning to celebrate early coz my plan was to make a coconut cake for tomorrow and maybe candle light dinner before I give my card to hubby. Yeah, just a card coz I don't know what he wants. haha But then I am too lazy to make the cake today so I thought maybe we better just go out for our dinner tonight and celebrate the happy hearts day in advance coz tomorrow the restaurants will be crowded for sure. At the restaurant we had salad first, then bread and the steak. I didn't finish my salad and steak coz I save some room for the dessert. hehe The waitress asked me if there's something wrong with the food coz I only ate a little bit of the entree and was staring at it. I said that I want to save some room for the dessert so she asked if I need a box for my leftovers which I said "yes please" right away.
My card for hubby...

The wordings fit so well of what I wanted to say to hubby. ^_^

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, Images and Photos


NovaS said...

happy valentines to you too chel....

sweet naman, i'm sure matouch super si hubby mo nyan

Lynn said...

how sweet! :)

happy heart's day too, mitch!

momgen said...

Happy Valentines day...