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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's new with me?

I noticed last Sunday night that my feet are swollen. At first I thought that maybe I'm becoming fat because I'm gaining weight lately but when I removed my socks I saw something. It seems like my feet were squeezed. I was thinking that maybe I ate too much sodium from eating outside last weekend or maybe I need more exercise. I asked the practitioner today about it coz today is my prenatal check up and she said "No, you won't become fat. You're just pregnant". She said that the swelling of feet is normal for pregnant women and there's nothing I can do about it. She added that elevating my feet can help but it won't go away until I have the baby. Hmm That's weird. So yesterday I bought a bigger size of shoes coz my older shoes are now tight. I wish my feet will go back to its normal size once the baby is born or else I need new shoes and sandals for my new size feet. (sigh)


Lynn said...

ana jud na, sis. ang uban kay magka beri beri pa gani. pero if dako na imong tiyan, normal jud nga managko imo feet og legs. the reason maybe kay tungod bug-at na imong gidala-dala. hehe.


Michelle said...

ic. so nidako sad diay imong tiil pagbuntis nimo nya naulian ra after ka nanganak? kay ako cousin sa pinas waman daw sya nitambok, iya ra tiyan nidako so nag wonder ko nga basin wa sad nidako iya tiil. pero akong mga miga diri kay wana man naulian ilang tiil, nidako na jud. sayangan lang ko sa akong mga shoes ug sandals kung di na sad maulian akong tiil. you know na, gasto na sad kung magpalit ug bag-o. :)

Lynn said...

wa kaayo ni dako akong tiil, sis unya naulian ra pud. but i've heard stories nga wa na naulian ila tiil. like pagkahuman nila buntis, lahi na ila shoe size. :)

Ilocana said...

You should have seen me and Jane when we were preggy,, our feet were swollen like crazy! As in like elephant feet, nyaha,ha!! They say lessen your intake of sodium and and yeah, elevating them would help a little bit.. And about shoe size changing issue,, well I used to wear 5 1/2-6 regular, during the later part of my pregnancy I wore 7w size shoes. And after giving birth, I can't wear my small shoes anymore and started buying 6 1/2 sizes. Well, that's because I gained weight and never had a chance to lose those preggy fat nyaha,ha!!.But in your case, you probably go back to normal..

Michelle said...

Lynn & Ilocana: I just hope that my feet will go back to it's normal size so I don't need to buy new shoes and sandals. Diapers na lang bilhin. hehe