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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby doll for practice...

Last week Thursday hubby and I went to the parenting class and one of the topics was about CPR. Our instructor gave us a box with a plastic doll inside, booklet and a DVD. The DVD shows some video clips of how to do the CPR with the baby. It's pretty cool coz we bring the doll and DVD home so we can practice. But not only that, we don't need to return it. Our instructor said that we should share it with other family members, grandpa or grandma or to the person who will take care of the baby so they know what to do if the baby stop breathing. I hope that it won't happen to our little one but it's good to know that we're ready if something goes wrong. :)


Lynn said...

that's good, at least ready mo whatever happens. pero if ako, ambot lang maka cpr pa kaha ko. mudagan na lang siguro ko sa sakyanan human lupad padulong sa hospital. haha.

Ilocana said...

It reminds of my training years ago with the Red Cross volunteers, (sama ko si ate MB that time).. We had that baby and adult size dolls..

Anyway, MB is suggesting or calling rather that we're just do ladies nite in @ her house 2morow, (Thursday).. Sounds like it's already a date so check your schedule,,he,he,.. See yah.

NovaS said...

nice decoy... that helps para di mo duha mataranta when the baby comes. i'm glad me and my bana babysit with our niece and nephews kay it helps us jud to handle some things...


amiable amy said...

interesting activity...lapit na noh? musta feeling? excited?

Michelle said...

Lynn: same here, i think i'll be in panic and might just call 911 right away but our instructor said that the baby needs to have oxygen in the body so cpr is the first choice before calling 911 especially if you're alone with the baby. :)

ilocana: yeah, shiela told me the other day about the ladies night at MB. not sure if i can go coz the pareting class is until 8:30 pm. if i can go then i'll be late, maybe 9:00 pm na makarating. :)

NovaS: good that you and your hubby already experienced taking care of your nephews and niece. that really helps. :)

amiable amy: yeah, hapit na. kapoy buntis oi, usahay maluya lang ug kalit bisan walay gibuhat pero normal ra daw na sa buntis. excited na jud and eager to see kung asa niliwat. hehe

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

hahahah, that's so cute mich, na hapit na jud no? good luck!!!

anyway, bloghopping to ask favor to please vote for joshandme at thanks a lot!