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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy day...

I have two appointments today, OB check up and Parenting class. I didn't have enough sleep last night so I was trying to catch up some sleep this morning but my OB appointment was 11:00 AM so I have to get up even if I'm still sleepy. I only had crackers and a little sip of soda to keep me going coz there's not enough time to eat a good meal. Hubby came home to pick me up and went to my OB appointment. We're a little late but it's okay coz there were 4 patients ahead of me. A filipina friend working with my OB called my number, took my weight and blood pressure then we had a little chit chat. She gave me a cup for my urine and told me to have lunch first coz the OB is not there yet. She called me on the phone as soon as the OB arrived, just in time when hubby and I finished our lunch. Hubby and I were kinda sleepy from waiting but all we can do is to be patient. Finally, we met the OB. He checked our little one's heartbeat, measure my tummy and took a sample inside me to make sure that there's no infection or bacteria in me that can harm the baby. We talked about my birth plan, problem regarding acid reflux/heartburn, feeling weak, pediatrician and etc. Now my appointment will be every week starting next week. After OB we headed home to get my list of what to buy at the Asian Market. Hubby decided to take the rest of the day off coz we finish at the OB for I think almost 3:00 PM and we still have a Parenting Class appointment at 6:30 PM. Anyways, we went to the Asian Market then to the Post Office and arrive home at 4:00 PM. Hubby took a nap while I checked my blog. I went to bed at 5:00 PM for my catnap but hubby get up and started reheating his dinner thru the microwave so I thought that I better get up and eat my dinner also before going to the Parenting Class. The Class finish at 8:30 PM and while I was in the Women's Restroom I got a call from one of my lady friends telling me to drop by at my friend's house even if it's a little late already coz there are foods there and that it's okay if I'll go home early. So I told hubby about it and we headed to my friend's house... arrived at 9:00 PM, eat there and had a chit chat with my friends then went home at 10:20 PM. That was our day today... always on the go. :)


Ilocana said...

Me here, laging present, e,he,he.
Huh, Friday na naman, bilis talaga ng araw.. Ilang pikit na lang ng mata, may bata ka na rin ^_^.

Michelle said...

Yeah, ilang tulog na lang at may chikiting na rin kami. :)