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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How's your Valentine's Day?

Ours was okay. Hubby and I went to my fave sub for our lunch then headed to the mall to buy tools for hubby. At the mall, hubby went to a store for his tools and I went to clothing stores. hehe I wasn't planning to shop but I grab the opportunity while we're there coz the mall is kinda far from where we live and I don't want to go there by myself. Hubby found me while I'm on my way to another store. haha Normally, he calls me when he's done and meets me where I shop but not today. He's empty handed when I saw him so I thought he wanted to proceed to our next destination which is the Babies R Us store. But then he said that there's something in the store that I might like so we went there. I thought it's for babies but to my surprise, we stopped at the place where jewelries are. Ngek! He just bought me one the other day and now he wants me to get one again. I mean, he likes gemstones but I'm not into it. He's been asking me why I don't like gemstones coz for him they are nice too. Maybe he's tired of looking at my 2 colored jewelries or what. haha He told me that our little one will someday be able to use my jewelries just to convince me to buy the gemstone. Toink! Anyway, we end up buying two to make him happy. Why I wasn't happy about it? Because there's no available earrings to match with the necklace. When we arrive home, he's shopping online about the gemstones again. I found the earrings that match my necklace so he ordered them. Now I'm happy! ^_^

My favorite grilled chicken sandwich and chips at Newks for my lunch.

Smoked chicken, 2 sides and bread for my dinner before going home. :)


NovaS said...

ka sweet naman ng bana nimo day, but that's great you have a blast of your valentines day celebration...

Michelle said...

Yeah and the most expensive Valentine's day ever. haha

Lynn said...

haaay, ka sweet sa imong hubby, sis. inggit ako. hahaha.

and the food! yummy!

Michelle said...

thanks sis! mao ra tawn ng jewelry iya mahibaw-an nga pang gift. kalimot man sya ug palit sa card, nakonsensya tali. haha