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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm ready...

No, I'm not the one ready but my dear hubby. He was looking at the crib last night and said that the crib is ready so he's ready. Hmm Only the crib is ready but not the car seat, playpen and some areas of the house. As I said in my previous post, our place is still a mess but at least the crib which is the most important place for the baby is already in it's proper place and now waiting for our little angel's arrival. I still have to do some arranging which hubby sometimes hesitate to follow coz I keep changing my mind of where things go especially the heavy ones. haha For the baby's corner, hubby still have to put frames of Angels and Mother Mary on the wall. I asked hubby after our dinner to assemble the playpen which he complain at first coz he have other things to do but he did it anyway coz I insist. (wink) Then I need to sew my own nursing poncho or nursing cover coz the one available at store and the internet are expensive and they look easy to make.

How I'm feeling? - I'm having some abdominal pains, braxton hicks contraction, back and leg pain, bloated, tired and sleepy.


Butchay said...

hello michelle, ok ra ko mejo busy, nakalimot ko hapit na man ka diay manganak oi....excited kaau ko for you. Goodluck girl, ninang ko ha? :)

Ilocana said...

Hey, I could help you assemble the playpen if you want, he,he. Ours take a little more time putting it together but so quick and easy to disassemble ^_^..

Wawa ka na naman.. But part talaga yan eh.. Ano, may parenting class paba kayo today? I'm about to call the gang for ladies nite, sa Royal Resto ang venue.. Pag matuloy at you can't make it for dinner then sa kape-kape na lang.. See ya.

FRANCINE said...

youre pregnant??? waaaa unhan man ko nimo. anyway, congratulations ug unta ako na ang sunod

amiable amy said...

Hi Michelle, wow, 25 days to go , your angel will finally see you. I know the excitement of both of you. The baby is so lucky to have you as parents. Good luck ha.

Andrea Mella said...

hi there.. hope you'll have a safe delivery :) post some pics ah..

Lynn said...

ana jud na sis, daghan na batiun inig hapit na. unya heavy na kaayo imo tummy no? hehe.

tagged u..

Michelle said...

butchay: thanks! ok, ninang ka pero attend ka sa baptismal preparation class ha kay required man. haha

Ilocana: Na assemble na ni hubby last Wednesday ang playpen. Kinulit ko kaya inasemble na lang nya. haha

Francine: yeah, hapit na gani manganak. hehe sunod ikaw na. :)

amiable amy: yeah, we'll soon meet her na. :)

andrea mella: thanks and sure, will post her pics here. :)

Lynn: mao lagi, heavy na jud mao nanggawas na ang mga sakit2 sa lawas. mora na ug tigols. hehe thanks sa tag. basin adto na nako sa pikas blog i-post. :)