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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update for Today...

I had my OB appointment today. Hubby took some hours off so he can go with me to the OB just in case I feel weak to drive but I insist that I can go by myself and told him to go to the walk-in family Doctor for his thyroid prescription. The check up happened so quickly but I was in pain afterwards. I only stayed there for 25 mins. then I went to Target to buy something even if I'm hurting. I went home and getting ready to go to the Asian Market to buy some groceries but I noticed something with my urine when I went to the bathroom... blood. I looked at the red paper that our instructor in Childbirth gave us for the warning signs and when to call 911. It says there that I should call my Doctor but then I'm convinced that I should call my Doctor coz I wasn't contracting very closely. So I took the prepared childbirth book and read about the signs of labor. It says in the book that during the early labor the amniotic sac may rupture and a pink mucous discharge could be evident which commonly known as "show". I still think that I'm not in labor and the blood was from the rough check up. I called hubby but he told me to call the Doctor and because I wasn't convince that I'm in labor I just call my Filipina friend (a nurse) who works at my OB's office and told her about what happened. She told me to go to their office so they can check of what's going on but I said that I just went there. She asked me if I'm contracting and told me to record the contractions and if the bloody thing becomes worst then I have to go there or if their office is close then I'll go to the hospital. After a few minutes I felt better and went to the Asian Market. When I arrived home I felt tired and sleepy so I took a nap. When I woke up I noticed that my little one wasn't moving which is kinda strange. I was worried of what's going on so I talked to her and told her to move for me. I think she move a little bit but that was it. After our dinner I ate 2 Hershey’s chocolate kisses to see if the baby will start moving after feeding her with sugar. Thank God, she started moving while hubby and I were on our way to the Parenting Class and she was very active while we're in the Class. The chocolate works! ^_^

The two hershey chocolate kisses that stops my worries. :)


Ilocana said...

Present ulit.. Btw, we enjoyed our crawfish, sushi and crablegs! And we thought of you in every bite, lol! This time, I really asked our waitress to cook more crawfish and they did, ha,ha,ha! We're the last one to go home as well. But they didn't care,,,they just smiled cuz they already knew us. But as usual we left her a big chunk of tip..^_^ The new recruit (Anita) came too btw..

Michelle said...

Good! So satisfied kayong umuwi kasi nilutoan kayo ng crawfish. Buti naman at nakasama si Anita. :)