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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Reward of My Agony

Claira at 8 hrs old.

19 hrs old

Sorry for not visiting your blogs guys. I will post what happened when I can keep up with this new stage of life and recover from the battle of my labor. Hopefully soon...


NovaS said...

thats okay dear chel, i knew it when i started not seeing some update from this blog, i know you finally go on labor the fruit of love has finally arrived..

she's adorable i can see that she got your eyes...

super ganda...

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Lara said...

Oh she is so cute and so pretty! Congratulations Mommy Michelle!

DebbieDana said...

You're now a Mommy! Congratulations!

Look at that very cute baby! She's sooooooooooo adorable!

Debbie :)

amiable amy said...

OMG Chelle, i am so delighted to see an angel here ....yeheyyy....congrats my are now fully a woman, ala sushmita sen ba....i am so happy to see your baby....naku, kay mommy ata nagmana...hahaha....Congratulations!

Ilocana said...

Woohoo! She looks a lot like you Michelle, she really is adorable! Congrats again :)

Summer said...

Wow!Congrats for being a mom now..;D
Your baby Claira was so beautiful..;D
Wish you all the best,and i'm sure your hubby is so happy when he saw your little angel..;D
Again,congrats fren.;D

Gorgeous MUM said...

oh, she's such a cutie! both of you must be very very happy!

so how's the new parent coping? your sleepless nights is starting now!

take care always!

Kerslyn said...

congrats! you're now an official Mommy. :-)

anyway, there's no option of leaving my name/url for the comment but I was visiting here from

Lynn said...

oh... she's sooo cute, sis. maibog jud kog bb girl ba. wish magka bb girl din me soon. :)

don't worry about not being able to visit us. it's understandable and i can definitely relate. hehe.

kisses to the little one.

jenn_US said...

congratulations mich..your baby is sooo cute..

Marie said...

good to know that you're doin ok now after your baby's delivery..congrats new mommy!:)

FRANCINE said...

oi congratulations yads! gwapa kaayo imohang little angel.selos ko da kay la pa jud tawn ko. unsaon man arun mabuntis oi