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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Experimenting on smoothie

Here I am again experimenting on making a smoothie that will satisfy me and hubby this summer season. The one in the picture is a mango watermelon smoothie and yes, it's delicious! I want to make a healthy version of a smoothie so in the past I use splenda but this one I didn't add any sweetener and it still taste yummy. The only problem is I always have a brain freeze every time I drink a smoothie. haha


Twerlyn said...

yum yum! ganahan sad baya ang baby ani

Lynn said...

yummy smoothie! perfect for summer jud sis! (",)

Michelle said...

Twerlyn: yeah, I'm sure babies love the smoothie too. if Claira is old enough to have this, i'll feed her some. :)

Lynn: lagi, labina jud diri nga grabe na ang kainit kay modut sa bukog. kuyaw lang sad kung madaghanan ug inom kay ma brain freeze sad. hehe

Summer said...

Looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing it, have a cool summer. Here in Philippines, it's rainy season na.=D
Have a good day!

Solo said...

Yeepee. Looks yummy. I think i need to try one right now! ;D But wait, i nned to buy watermelon and mango first. Sigh* But i will surely try this.hehe ;D

Anonymous said...

gusto ko rin matutong gumawa nyan. may mga seminars on on how to make healthy smoothies kaso ang can't afford. baka magexperiment na lang din ako. :p

klivengood said...

yeah, agree jud ko ani..mukhang yummy, best for summer jud.