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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are toys important for the baby?

Toys are good for your baby if the toys can help your baby's brain. That's what our Parenting Class Instructor told us. She said that babies don't need expensive toys. She remembered that her kids play with the empty diaper box. So what she did is let them play with it before throwing it away. You really don't have to buy toys, just be creative. If you want to save money like me then print out something from the internet like different shapes with different colors too. Babies like the bold color first before the bright colors. So that's what I did and hubby printed out the one with bright colors. A friend of mine told me before that her kids are not interested with the toys that her husband bought. She said that her kids enjoyed playing with their kitchen utensils like plate, spoon, lid of a cup and etc. Hubby bought some toys for Claira. Something that she can hold, touch or reach coz that's part of the motor skills. I bought a musical toy for Claira coz she likes music and the toy helped her put to sleep. So before you buy toys, ask yourself first if your baby can learn something from it.

I noticed that Claira like to play with the empty cup of butter because that's what I use when I give her a bathe to pour the water on her. Babies do like to play the stuff that mom and dad use. Why? Because babies are good imitators. They want to do what mom and dad do probably thinking that they can do the same thing too. :)


Twerlyn said...

I agree..

My baby is not interested with her toys..mas gusto nya na toys mga gadgets..remote u cp,ambot ug ngano.wala mi palit toys kay daghan man muhatag ug toys nya..kato ra educational na toys iya dulaan pud.
Pero mas enjoy jud cia iyang kadula tawo.=)

Michelle said...

Lagi, mao sad si claira. bisan akong friends kung moari sila kay ganahan sad si claira nga storyahan nila. motubay sad ang gamay, morag korek. hehe

Ilocana said...

korekkek ^_^. We never really bought so much or even spoil our 2 kids with toys. Most that they have around the house were gifts from friends and relatives. And one of the best and most played toys in the house are the colored blocks,, :) And it helps in developing their fine motors and eye-hand coordination as well.. Wow, gumana ang pagka-ECE, he,he...

Solo said...

I Agree too. I don't have a baby yet but my niece live with me now. And i notice that she don't like toys that much. All she want was the things that she can saw on the kitchen like spoons and glass. And specially she love to play the combs, she use it a her microphone. ;D She really love to sing..;D

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