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Saturday, August 15, 2009

What is Claira's best Toy?

Is it her Blankie?

The toys on her high chair?

The toys on the floor?

Or Mommy and Daddy?

Well, the correct answer is Mommy and Daddy. There's no toy that can replace Mom and Dad. According to our Parenting Class Instructor... we the parents are the best toy for our baby and I agree on that. I know how happy Claira is if hubby and I are playing with her or the one entertaining her. She really enjoyed us the most than with her toys. Toys are just substitutes when mommy and daddy are not available. So we make it sure that we have quality time with Claira every single day. As what the Pediatrician said, you cannot spoil a baby until 6 months old. After that, we'll start being serious. :)


Ilocana said...

indeed! mommy na mommy ka na sister!, ^_^..

Michelle said...

Amen to that. hahaha

Lynn said...

korek sis! nothing can replace us. musta na man sistah? mommy na jud kaayo ka ha. and claira is so big na. dalia ra no? murag kanus-a ra man ka nanganak.

anyway, yep, BA is coming soon na. kulba my heart. haha. sige lang, will blog about it man. hehe.

happy sunday! kisses to bb claira.

Michelle said...

Lynn: mao lagi, dali ra ang panahon. big baby na si claira, di na little baby. hehe

excited sad ko makakita sa face anang imong BA bisan pic lang. maayo unta kung mao nana sis aron happy na imong lovelife. (crossing my fingers on that) take care sis! :)

Lynn said...

thanks kaayo sis. touched ko. magdilang anghel unta ka. hehe. mwahugs!