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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Magic Stick

I'm sure you're wondering what's the magic of the stick. I just read an article in the magazine about a grandma who told her grandson to not play with the stick. The grandson didn't forget that day coz his grandma said it with a different tone of her voice. The grandma said that playing with a stick is an accident waiting to happen. I kinda agree with it coz you don't know if your child can poke somebody's eyes or hurt him/herself. But as I keep on reading the article, I learned that playing with a stick is good for your brain using your imagination.
I remember when I was a kid that I play with the stick and use it as a magic wand. I had a lot of fun playing with it pointing my cousins and saying that they become a frog, pig, and anything that I can think of. In the article that I read, some parents share how their kids play with the stick. One said that her child use the stick as a guitar in one day, the next day it becomes a microphone, drum stick, laddle and etc. That's why I call it magic stick coz you can do many things with it. I was thinking before that I don't want Claira to play with a stick when she grow up coz she might hurt herself but thinking about my experience of how fun it is to play with a toy for free plus she can use her imagination then I guess I'll allow her to play outside even if she'll use a stick as long as she already knows the do's and don'ts. :)


Twerlyn said...

nag imagine ko sa imong pag point2x ug Magic wand sa imong cousins, so funny and cute!

Wa ko ana kadula sauna, kay na hapit ko na titano sa stick nitusok sa akong lapa2x

Ilocana said...

Mind you, when I was little I used to play a bamboo stick. It was at least 3-4 ft. long and I used it or pretend it to be my horse,riding it around the yard, lol! I still remember it coz I was pretending to be "SIMATAR" a local radio sci-fi adventure series, :) It was fun! Great and wild imagination is all you need. And you'll be happy with just a stick,,^_^.

Michelle said...

Twerlyn: Ay! morag na feel nako ang kasakit sa stick nga nitusok sa imong lapa2.

Lingaw jud kaayo ko nagduwa sa stick nga gihimong magic wand. Dili mabayran akong katawa nga akong cousins mahimong baki or baboy. hahaha Daghan pa ko experience ug duwa sa stick kay duwa man sad kog shatom sa una. hehe

Ilocana: Haven't tried using the stick as a horse but I have other experience using the stick as laddle, sword, cigarette, cane, and etc. I had so much fun playing the stick in so many ways. :)