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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are you a happy SAHM? I know I am! ^_^

I just finish commenting a post from a blogging friend Twerlyn about her friend's comments that she's not happy because she's a SAHM and a wife material, no job which means no money (as what I understand it). Actually, it's none of her friend's or anybody's business if we have a job or not as long as we're not begging for food or money. A person who mind other people's business are pitiful. These kind of people are mostly not happy with their life and nothing to do but find faults in other people's life. I can understand if it's your own family who's worried if you have debts and doesn't have a job. So I disagree with Twerlyn's friend's judgement. I certainly know that there are SAHM's who are not happy being a SAHM but not all.

I have a pinay friend and Uncles here who also told me to work and their reason is it's different to have our own income coz we can spend our money the way we want to. I was at first irritated hearing those comments but my friend's experience being a SAHM who haven't experience working here in US when she didn't have the baby yet made me think twice that maybe I should take her word. She told me that it's hard to find a job once I have a baby especially if hubby want me to be a SAHM. I know that the only reason why they want me to work is... MONEY. I told hubby about it and his opinion is ... his money is my money and my money is his money. In short, there's nothing to worry about not having a job coz I can still buy what I need. All he wants is when he comes home his wife is waiting for him at home and not coming home with an empty house. Sweet isn't it? Yeah, even if hubby and I didn't have Claira yet he already told me that I don't need to find a job. So I asked, what I'm gonna do at home if there's no baby to take care of or if I'm bored? His answer is "Go shopping, visit your friends, go to the fitness center, go swimming, go to the park. Do what you want to do". Yeah, right. It's easy for him to say go shopping when I'm bored but a person like me who feel guilty every time I shop because I shop his hard earned money, no way! Shopping for me is really expensive coz I spend $$$ and not Pesos like in the Philippines. Hubby also told me to go out everyday so I can practice driving which I complain because of the gas expenses. hehe He told me not to worry about the expenses of gas coz that's part of driving. I then realized after going out almost everyday shopping and driving that the only thing I can stop the money from going out is to work. Yes, going out is expensive. Hubby and I talked about it and he was okay that I work part time as long as the reason is I'm bored. I got the job and stopped working when I was in my second trimester. I still wanted to continue working when I was pregnant coz I thought it's good for me and the baby but being sick at work everyday made me sick.

Now I enjoyed being a SAHM coz I can do anything without anybody telling me to do this and that. I can sleep late and wake up late, do chores at home if I want to and go out if I'm in the mood. Being a SAHM is not easy coz you have to juggle things from taking care of a baby, a house and of course yourself but it's the most rewarding job. Seeing my family happy also makes me happy. In short, I'm a happy SAHM and so are my friends here. I guess you noticed (if you're an avid reader of this blog) that I go out with my lady friends as our ladies night out and that's one of our husband's idea to give the wife a break, go out with friends and have fun (in a good way). I can say that we are lucky to have a husband who thinks that making the wife happy will make everybody happy. SAHM rocks! ^_^


Twerlyn said...

Hala parya man tingali ug kinaiya imong bana ug akong bana.."ang akong kwarta,imong kwarta,ang imong kwarta akong kwarta" hehe!giingnan sad ko ana ni banana oi,kapila dili cia mugasto without asking from me.

Oi maau kapa diha daghan pinay na duol ra..sos ako intawon nag inusara lang dinhi Chelle..but ok lang kay naa man mga bata,d jud ko ma bore. If gusto ko laag sa pinay friend sos drive pag isa ka oras..unya d pa ko ka drive, way DL ug way experience pa mao pahipi ra sa ko dinhi.

Twerlyn said...

salamat d-i sa linky love here chelle..naa ba kay friendster or facebook ?tan-aw kog daghan pictures ninyo baby and family bi.

NovaS said...

as far as i know that's the hardest job in the world...if only she know why...

Solo said...

Cool! SAHM rocks indeed! You're right in anyway. =D I think there nothing to worried or there is nothing wrong about being SAHM. As long as you are happy and you enjoy being at home and taking good care of your baby and your hubby. Besides, your hubby is so sweet and you are lucky too. Why? Because he allow you to go out with your friends and have fun sometimes and go shopping if you are bored and so on and so fort. =D

Unlike here in the Philippines, both couples need to work. Even though they don't want to, and they only want is to spent their time also for their family. But they can't do nothing with that. They still work because they need to. =(

So i can say that you are still lucky and there is nothing wrong about being a SAHM, as long as you enjoy your life. =D

Anyways, great post. Have a great day ahead. =D

Btw, how's Claira? Growing so pretty right!? =D Take good care of her Mitch. =D

Michelle said...

Twerlyn: nah pareha jud diay batasan atong bana when it comes to wawart. hehe ako sad bana mananghid pa nako kung naa sya paliton. swerte ta sa atong banana kay mga buotan. hehe akong nabantayan sa kanang moingon nako nga dapat mo work ko kay ang ilang partner kwentador/tihik or di pareha sa atong bana nga open when it comes to wawart. hehe

sige lang lermz, once maka drive naka maka laag2 na sad ka kung asa ka gusto. basta pangisog lang ug drive kay sa una hadlok2 ko kay kusog padagan mga taw diri kay wat is naa speed limit pero ang pag start raman ang lisod. nakatabang baya nako ng mag drive2 bisan naa ra sa duol kay na practice jud ko. start lang ka sa mingawn nga lugar nya adto dayon sa medyo busy2 na nga road kay mao na gitudlo sa akong bana. naa ko miga nga nag start sya sa busy nga road kay mao gusto sa iyang bana, nah hangtud karon mahadlok gihapon sya mo drive morag na phobia. basta huna-hunaa lang nga kaya rana nimo. kaya gani sa mga tigols nga disabled, so kaya sad na nimo. :)

NovaS: you are right on that sis. imagine ang work as a mom is 24/7. :)

Solo: Thanks for the nice comment. Claira keeps on growing and bring joy to me, hubby and grandma. :)

Summer said...

Being a mother is the hardest job in this whole world. I know that, i saw my moms sacrifices.. =( Be proud being a mom, and giving time for your hubby and your baby Claira is so much to be thankful by your family. =D Stay happy and safe. =D

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Michelle said...

I agree with you, it's the hardest job on earth. I salute your mom coz she raised a good son "you". Our future neighbor said that her sons told her that they were glad for staying at home to take care of them and they thank her for that. It's the sweetest thing I heard from the son to mom. :)

Ilocana said...

Got that right girl! We do rock! So as our hubbys, he,he.