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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm an Octopus

The picture shows how SAHM's can be an octopus sometimes. Well, hubby told me one time that I'm an octopus coz I was doing more than one thing at the same time and he was impressed. He said that he can't be an octopus coz he can only do one thing at a time. hahaha That made me laugh and he was right on that. Sometimes if he hands me stuff to carry and I was carrying something already I tease him and said "I don't want to be an octopus today". hahaha Even my sister told me once "so you're now like Leah Salonga" while we're having a conversation on the phone coz I was doing something else while talking to her on the phone. It was a movie of Leah Salonga and Aga where Leah came here in US and got a good job and very busy that she was putting socks on while talking on the phone. I forgot the title of the movie but it's a nice one. Well, that's our life here in US especially if you don't have a family or relatives who can help to take care of your baby. So now I'm use to talking on the phone while doing something else whether I'm washing dishes, putting away dishes from the dishwasher, washing clothes, hanging clothes, folding clothes, cooking, nursing and etc. It's tough but who wants to pay for somebody to do things that you think you can do? Not me. hehe Though hubby is ok if I can't clean the house but I want to accomplish something everyday. Hubby said that he knows Claira is a handful already but I think we the SAHM's thought that it's our responsibility to take care of everything. That's the reason why Oprah said that the average salary of a SAHM (if the SAHM has a salary for the hours we spend working) is I think if I'm right it was $168,000 more or less in 1 year. That's a lot of money! Again, SAHM rocks! ^_^


nancy said...

it's just a matter of choice. as long as you're happy and fulfilled on what you are doing.

nasaag ko dinhi chelle. musta na ang new mommy?

Twerlyn said...

Daghan nata Octopus Chelle! Hehe! wala hinuon ko gamit dishwashing machine kay mu spot spot (white) man ang mga baso oi..try ko na daghan klase na dishsoap mao ra gihapon mao kamot ra ako gamit hugas.

akoa na tika add sa FS and FB..waiting for your approval pa.
Thanks again Chelle.

Michelle said...

nancy: ok lang me. medyo naka adjust na. hehe

twerlyn: mao ba? akong gamit kay cascade nga powder lemon flavor nya spotless lagi mga baso namo as in clear jud. nindot sad baya ma octopus kay mora ug supermom jud ba. akong bana di jud pasalig nga mag octopus sya, di daw na mahimo niya. hahaha