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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update about our little Claira

Claira is now heavier than ever and get heavier everyday. In fact, the other day I had a really bad body ache from (i think) carrying her. She was 16 lbs. the last time when I weighed her and carrying her with her car seat is a total of 31 lbs. or more. A good exercise for me and hubby every time we go out. Last night I have to take advil because of my body pain and I still have body pain today which I think I just have to accept that it won't go away or maybe I'm getting old already. haha

Claira is now learning new skills every day. Hubby and I were surprised last night when we saw her playing with her toy that I hang on her car seat's handle. So now she learns to grab stuff, roll over to the place where she wanted, make some new sounds, interested to join any conversation even with strangers and sometimes she answered too as if she's part of the conversation. It's interesting to watch her grow. :)

Claira watching the Food Network show. :)


JessQ said...

Claira looks very intelligent...mana sa mga parents am sure!! Minimize your intake of Advil, it may ruin your filtering machines..your kidney and liver. Just have a body massage from ur hubby with Pau de Arco or Omega pain killer. Claira's new tricks would surely ease those pains.

Twerlyn said...

agoi perte ka cute! maka gigil..mang gigil jud ka ana nya perme ba.

tungod sa ka cute sa mga baby nato mao d pa ko ka sure kung hantod 3 babies lang ba kaha ko taman or upat.hehe!

Ilocana said...

love her at this photos,, girl na girl ang dating,,, pretty too! ^_^