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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Claira's 4 months appointment

Claira had her shots again for her 4 months visit to the Pediatrician. According to her Doctor everything is okay. Claira's height goes up to 75% and the Doctor showed us the graph again. Claira's height 2 months ago was not that high and the Doctor predict before that Claira's height might be 5' 4". The Doctor told us that in a few months Claira's height will go slow and go back to normal. Well, I hope so coz I don't want Claira to become a 6 footer lady.

The first shot wasn't that bad coz Claira didn't cry but the second and third shots made Claira cry and scream. As usual, I nurse her after the shots coz that's what the nurse told us before that nursing Claira will help. It worked the second time around and hopefully it will still work the next time also.

Here she is the next day after her shots.


janethvicy said...

Visiting and dropping ec here my friend..Have a wonderful weekend..Your baby is so cute sis..

Utah Mommy said...

Wow ka bus ok sa imong anak dai Michelle. Lami kaayo ingkiton ang legs woi gapaibog maayo hehehehe... Musta na? Long time no hear.. God bless!

Michelle said...

janethvicy: thanks for the drop, visit and nice comment girl! :)

Utah Mommy: thanks sistah! Ok lang me. Buyag akong anak nidako gihapon bisan sige ug spit up. hehe Anyway, I was visiting your blog and leaving some comments but I think you're not in the mood pa to blog hop here. But it's ok, I understand. :)

Twerlyn said...

Hi Chelle, she looks so healthy jud..buyag..pila na cia ka pounds?akong baby ay mag 11months na cia next week 18pounds lang cia..pero d cia payat tan-awon man.

Michelle said...

Twerlyn: Claira was 16 lbs. and 3 oz. last week. She's really heavy na. Ok raman siguro ang weight ni Arianna kay depende man sad na sa height ug kung mag start na ug crawl. Claira's Pedia said that she'll start losing weight once she crawls. I remember my friend's daughter nga mora sad ug paa ni Claira but there was a time nga naguol akong friend kay di na ganahan mokaon iyang anak, nag niwang na daw nya ni taas sad. Ang sulti sa iyang Doctor nga di daw pugson kung di mokaon kay normal ra daw na. Ingon sa Doctor nga your child know better if she's hungry or not. Ok lang man kaha ang sulti sa Doctor ni baby A. Or if naa ka concern, ilista then i-ask dayon sa Pedia ig next visit ninyo aron di ka mag worry. Mao na akong gibuhat kay aron di makalimot kay hingalimtanon raba jud ko. :)