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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Clock

... is ticking so fast everyday especially if there are lots of things going on. We sometimes forget the date and most of the time we're saying "oh, it's weekend again". It's good though but at the same time I still want Claira to be the baby. I know it won't happen but how I wish time ticks slowly for just a bit. Claira will be 6 months old 2 weeks from now and getting bigger everyday. Even the strangers we met said how big she is and we know that she won't stop growing. It's really true that babies grow so fast. It's just like yesterday when she was born and now she's starting to say some words. Amazing how babies learn things step by step. Soon she'll be walking with mommy and daddy.


Gorgeous MUM said...

It is true, time fly like a speed of light! So us parents must treasure every waking moment while our chikitings are still dependent on us! Hahaha! Soon they might not want to be seen with us anymore!

Enjoy Claira's growing up years!

NovaS said...

oi na baliktad man ta chel, ako kay i want time flies so fast aron makakita najud kos akong liwat. then its not that i dont enjoy the fun of pregnancy pero i'm just excited to hold my baby soon...eheheh

Michelle said...

Gorgeous MUM: we surely will enjoy Claira's growing up years. :)

NovaS: I understand. Once you have your baby and he/she grows fast then you'll want the time to slow down. hehe You'll experience it soon. :)

Solo said...

Yeah! You will not know how time was so fast, that you will not that your baby is not a baby anymore. =D Nothing you can do but enjoy her growing times. =D

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Lynn said...

lagi sis. murag dali ra jud ta matiguwang ani da. hehe.

as they say, they're only young once so enjoy it while it lasts. (",)

Basyon said...

To all moms like us. We actually like two things, first to fasten the time so we can do lots of things than we can do while they are still small. but when the time pass so fast, we would actually ask that if the time could only pass not that fast. So we can enjoy much those great things with our cute babies. ;D We are moms, we love all about our kids. So just enjoy the every moment that we are with our precious child. ;D

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