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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mental Telepathy

It seems that this mental telepathy thingy is working with me. I experienced before when I was in the Philippines that my friend who's also a secret admirer of mine would suddenly appear in my dreams then after a week he'll call me which give me the chance to tell him about my dream and he would just say "oh, i was talking about you that day with my friend". It happened to me many times and he just laugh. Now that I am here in US, the mental telepathy still works when it comes to family and relatives. Just like today, I am tired and sleepy but I can't sleep. So I decided to turn ON the computer and texted my sister. She told me that she was thinking of emailing me coz she has a very important thing to tell me. Ahhhhh Now I know why I can't sleep coz somebody's been thinking of me. And it happened not just once but multiple times already. It's weird but once I have the "can't sleep mode", I know that there's something coming... most of the time it's bad or somebody is just thinking of me. Do you experience that too?

1 comment:

Lynn said...

ka relate ko ana sis. it happened to me a few times na rin. mao sometimes ana ko, kusog jud ako intuition. well, as they say, we women have strong intuition.