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Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Friendship

Aside from the group of friends that I normally meet every now and then with our ladies night out date, I have another set of new friends. Most of them are Bisaya and only one speaks Tagalog but she's also nice. They are the Filipina ladies I met from a friend's wedding and it seems like they wanted me to be part of their group too. I received an invitation for a birthday party which I don't mind going but the problem is they are 45 mins. to 1 hour travel from our place. That is really far coz driving on the road for me is time wasted. The event will be tomorrow and these girls were calling me today many times coz they really wanted me to be there so I can get to know them well. I have nothing against them and even Claira is so at ease the first time she met them. In fact, Claira enjoyed it when they're carrying her and playing with her. I was just observing if she's going to cry but she just smiled. I don't know. Hubby doesn't really want to drive that far but these ladies are so nice to me which made me want to attend the party. Hubby told me that we'll go if he's feeling okay and if the weather is okay, he just don't want to promise so I won't be disappointed if we can't go. I hope he's up to driving far tomorrow so I can meet the ladies again. I think what I need to do is memorize the road so next time they invite me I can go by myself and Claira. (if I'm brave enough to do it) hehe I will post new pics of Claira soon. It's been a week already that I haven't posted anything here. I want to thank those who still visit this blog even if I'm not visiting theirs. I'll try to visit you guys again soon...


Cecile said...

it would be fun if you go :-), but if you can't, am sure they would understand.

Solo said...

Attending the party will be great! And that was the time to know them better. But if your hubby can't drive. Going alone to the place that you don't know much is dangerous. Maybe they ill understand your reason. =D

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