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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Friend's Wedding...

A friend of mine who's originally from Cebu Philippines invited me to attend her wedding last Sept. 5, 2009. It was a simple wedding but nice. The wedding just started when we arrived so I took pictures when the bride walk down the aisle. Little did I know that the Priest told them not to take any pictures during the wedding ceremony coz it's not a fashion show. Opps! We were late so I didn't know. hehe Good thing hubby told me to turn off the flash when I took another picture during their exchange of vows. Oh well, the photographer also took some pictures when I started taking pictures. Sorry Father, I didn't hear what you said coz I'm late. We were lucky that the Priest didn't give us a lecture after the wedding. hehe Next time I won't take a picture during the wedding ceremony anymore. I think that's the rule in the Church. I was glad though that I met new friends from the next City. Most of them are Bisaya and I think only one is Tagalog. They are nice. They even carry Claira and pass to other Pinays arms. I was just observing if Claira will cry coz they are complete strangers but I was surprised coz Claira was just smiling and trying to put their fingers in her mouth. hahaha It was a nice event with the nice people.

The bride, me, and the pinay ladies. :)
Hubby and Claira

Claira and Me.

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