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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sad Story

I just had a little chat with my neighbor in FB. I was pleased that she admire my beauty despite my age. Naks! At first she was asking me about my secret then she told me about her sad love life. She's only 24 but her mom worries that at her age she's still single. I was wondering a little bit coz she said that her family doesn't want her to have a bf but I didn't ask and just let her talk. She's from another country and their tradition is somewhat similar to where I'm from. She had a bf secretly even if she's afraid of her parents but both of their parents don't like each other because of their status. Her bf's family are rich while hers is not. Their relationship as bf/gf continues to grow even if both families are against it then her bf's mom called her everyday and threatened her so she'll break up with him. And because she's afraid of the threat, she broke up with him which made her bf upset and started drinking. Her bf's mom sent her bf to New Zealand and US so they won't meet again but that didn't stop them from communicating. Her bf still calls her until one day her bf and his mom had an argument during his mom's visit to New Zealand coz his mom wants him to marry the rich cousin. Her bf said that his cousin is just like a sister to him so there's no way that he'll marry the cousin. Her bf and his parents had an argument again and her bf was drinking (maybe drunk) and desperate about the situation so he went out and drive his car which he died from a car accident.

She said that maybe that's the reason why she look old even if she's just 24 because she cry a lot. I just hope that she'll find peace someday. I know that it's not easy to lost someone you love and I want to cheer her up if possible.

1 comment:

Scotty's Princess said...

GOSH! This is indeed a very sad story, Chelle! Musta na and the baby? I hope everything is working fine...