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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thinking of something...

I've been thinking of what to do for my DH's birthday. He's been working really hard lately so he deserves something good on his special day. I was thinking to order an ice cream cake in our favorite ice cream store but he's trying to avoid sweets so I was thinking of taking him out for dinner and just order our favorite dessert. I was also thinking of buying him the shirt that he like (has bamboo material) but his size is not available. I know a nice card will make his day beautiful but I should do something to make his day really special. Any suggestions? ^_^


Solo said...

Is it expensive there to have a foot spa treatment? If not, maybe that would be the thing that i will suggest you for the celebrant. ;D Send him my greetings. ;D

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Lynn said...

surprise him with a personalized gift sis. mao jud na ako prefer pirmi. :)