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Sunday, September 20, 2009

We made it!

Just arrived at my MIL's place from the party. We were able to attend the party that I'm talking about in my previous post though we were a little bit lost because of the wrong names given. But anyways, hubby figured it out. It's a long drive but the three of us enjoyed the party. Now I'm sleepy and tired. Claira had her naps on our way to the party and way back home. Next plan is calling friends for another gathering. Ilocana and I agreed to have a cook in this week coz it's been a long time since we had one. I met another Filipina at the mall last week who's new here. I wanted to invite her in our cook in so she can meet my friends too. She's also Bisaya and she's looking forward to meet new friends. I'm sure she'll enjoy the cook in coz that's what Pinays here like to do. It's fun to be with Pinay friends not to mention the good foods that we're going to cook. It will be full of laughter and chit chats for sure. :)


Cecile said...

good to hear you guys got the chance to attend the party :-)

i wished i live close to you so i can join the the cook in as well as meet new friends; i love to cook, too!

Michelle said...

yeah, how i wish you live nearby so i can try your dishes too. im sure they're all yummy! :)

Lynn said...

another lingaw moment diay na sis. (",) ana pud kaha ko puhon? hehe.

Michelle said...

super lingaw moment jud. hehe kung naa mga pinay sad imo makaila diri nya mahilig sad ug party, lingaw sad nya mo. :)