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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


... makes the people come together. I'm not sure if that's the exact lyrics but that's a song I'm singing right now. In my previous post I think it's obvious that I wasn't in a good mood but today I'm back to normal. ngek! (abnormal diay ko gahapon) haha Yeah, I was reading an article in the magazine a few days ago about stress and one suggestion to beat the stress is to turn on the music and dance. I remembered it today so I turn ON the music and it worked even if I didn't dance coz I was working in the house again trying to do something about the clutter. It feels good when I accomplish something everyday. I was thinking I can do de clutter the house today but it didn't happen. I guess I'm too ambitious to finish everything without hubby's help but at least I was able to de-clutter some areas. Tomorrow is another day to do more work in the house and I hope I'll be able to finish the 1 year work into weeks only. I know I'm too ambitious to do this but that's my goal. Who knows, it will happen. Good luck to me. ^_^


Lynndee said...

exactly, sis. music takes off the stress or depression away. pag wala ko sa mood, pa sounds lang ko then in full volume nga pati silingan makadungog. wahehe. malimot man gud ka sa imo probs diba labi nag nagsige na kag kanta.

Michelle said...

You're right, I do sing while listening to the music up to my lungs if I like the tune and lyrics and even if I don't know the lyrics kanta pa rin. haha It really makes me feel good and back on track if I'm not in a good mood. Thank God there's music. :)

Ilocana said...

Sabi nga nila, music calms the soul,,, and that's what I did yesterday as well. I turned on the radio loud enough to hear my voice and sing along at the top of my lungs, haha!! It's just me in the house coz Hubby's at work and the kids were @ Remy's.. So sing and dance while doing some chores, and it was really fun. ^_^ Do it more often sis, or better yet, EVERYDAY! hahaha!

Michelle said...

nyahahaha korek ka dyan, i also do that sometimes... sing and dance. sarap ng feeling after. :)