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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Properly Connected

For weeks we've been using the phone line outside to connect the internet and have a phone signal. Hubby found a way so we can still use the internet and phone if we want to coz the electrician forgot to put a wire from inside the house to the outside of the house. Yeah, it was a mess and we didn't know it til the phone company person came here to hook up our phone line. He told hubby that there's no wire for him to hook the line up so he just showed hubby how to connect the wire if the builder fix the problem already. Today the electrician came to fix the problem which thankfully he did at last but the problem is there's a green wire from the ceiling (i think) to the ground as if somebody's just dropping a wire from the house to the ground and that doesn't look good at all. It makes our house look cheap or in a remote area. Grrrrrrrr Now hubby said he'll find a way to hide the wire but he's too busy to do it at the moment. Kainis! Buying this house gives us problem after problem. I don't know when the problems will end. I hope it will be soon.


Jules said...

Don't worry. Everything will be ok sooner. Moving is automatically bringing lots of prob and stress, lol. You can fix it inn time anyway. =D

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Lynn said...

it will end soon, sistah! just be patient. hee hee.

NovaS said...

oh wow....pastilan nlng.. wa diay mo igni sa tagiya?

rheiboy17 said...

haaay, wag ka mag-alala, lahat ng yan ay maayus din....

Ilocana said...

Just let them slide mare, hehe. Turn on the music and try to relax. Pag music ni Gary V, sige i-hataw mo, or do the MC Hammer way, can't touch this,,hahaha!

Bastat free ako, tawag ka lang and I'll be there. Naks kanta yun ah, haha!