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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Big Baby

Here she is a couple weeks ago when it was cold outside. She's not a little baby anymore and people are telling me that she's too big for me. Maybe she got her daddy's height and not mine. She now knows how to hold her bottle without any help which makes it easier for me to do something else while she's feeding herself. She's eating solid foods too, the first foods. I was thinking of making her some chicken soup with rice but her Doctor prefer to wait til she's one year coz some people are allergic to chicken. It seems that her solid food is not enough for her and it doesn't taste good too but the book that I was reading said that babies will get used to the taste and would prefer the food they eat when they're little once they grow up. My Aunt told me to give Claira the chicken soup, no salt and spices but boiled chicken bones only so Claira will get use to the taste. I think it's too early for her to have the chicken soup at that time coz my Aunt told me to do it when Claira was only 4 months old. I don't know but babies in my country where I'm originally from eat anything as what I noticed as long as it's good for babies, here there are do's and don'ts.


Jules said...

Just follow what the older are saying. I think they are more knowledgable about kids than us who are younger than them. ;d Remember the saying that experience is the best teacher. =D

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Lynn said...

hey there pretty girl! (",)

ka cute jud niya sis oi. lami kusion!

NovaS said...

na mao jud..tanawa ta mas baskog pa ta kaysa ilaha.. hehehhe.. your baby girl is sooooooooooooo cute....

Ilocana said...

Yeah, that's how it is in the Philippines. Parents there just follow their instinct and do what they think is best. That's what my reasoning before... But then as married to a non-Filipino, we need to consider that our kid's genes are totally different now. Like my son, whom I found out, young as he was had an allergy to a certain food.And I thank his Doctor for giving me advance warning. Sabi nga nila, wala namang mawawala kung sundin ang payo ng Doctor, :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm tempted to give Claira the chicken soup but I'm trying to think what her Doctor told me also. Hmmm Tukso, layuan mo ako! hahaha