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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I can't wait for the Spring to come. Last week and early this week Claira and I went to the Park to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. It's nice to go walking if the Park is not crowded just like this particular Park that we went to coz it's new and I think there's no name of this Park yet. There are only 10 parking space but most of the people who went there don't stay long. Some would go there for a walk then went home, another one feed the fish and went home. Claira enjoyed the breeze while I'm doing my walking exercise then we took a rest and ate our snacks. This Park is good for picnic.


Ilocana said...

I'm not much into spring coz that means RAIN.. lol! pero we need it for mother nature's creatures hehhe..

lookinng forward for summer though,, a not sooo HOT summer that is,, ^_^.

Jenn said...

looks like claira had a great time just chillin out. :)

Michelle said...

Ilocana: I don't mind if Spring will bring some rain, I just want the temperature to go up a little bit so I don't need to wear double or triple clothes. Summer is good too but I don't like it when it's really hot outside. :)

Jenn: yeah, she was really chillin' that day. :)