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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Claira at 14 Months

We were celebrating Claira's 14 months birthday today. I brought her to the mall so she can play with other kids at the play area and shop for a new toy as her birthday gift. I bought her a barbie tea set and a tinker bell table and chair set. I know that she's too young to play a tea party but it's the best toy for her to practice eating like a big girl and she can use it when her friends come over. After shopping, we went out for dinner and shop for more. :)

Claira at the mall's play area

Claira and Me outside the Longhorn Restaurant

Time to order na. ^_^

Here we are, ready to dig in. :)


NovaS said...

oh wow..time flies so fast jud...dakoa na ni Clara oi....

Michelle said...

mao jud nov, dali ra modako ang bata. kana sad unya imoha, modako na ug kalit. :)