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Sunday, May 23, 2010


That's what I do as my exercise aside from doing chores in the house. I try to walk 25-30 mins. everyday if possible just in our neighborhood with or without Claira. It's almost a week when I started doing the walking exercise and I can see the difference already. I lost a couple lbs. and my bigger tummy is getting smaller a little bit. I'm excited but still fighting the temptation especially when it comes to dining out coz of the huge serving, salty, greasy, and lots of calories foods out there. I'm learning to order a kiddie meal if I want to eat at Mickey D and eat salad in some resto with a healthy dressing. I have to try other resto's healthy meal if there is any if I go out coz I don't want to go back to square one again. My goal is to lose a few more pounds before having another baby or else it's hard for me to be in shape again. Good luck to me! I'm getting there... slowly but surely ^_^


NovaS said...

hmmm... i'll do that too..

Michelle said...

yeah, it's hardwork but you'll get what you want if you're consistent. naa gyud result. :)