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Friday, May 14, 2010

Late Mother's Day Celebration

Me and my friend went out yesterday for our usual ladies night out. I asked her if there's a particular restaurant that she wants to go and she said that it's up to me of where I want to eat. The last minute I was thinking that if she and her husband didn't celebrate the Mother's Day last weekend then we can celebrate it together coz I didn't celebrate last weekend also thinking about the crownd and the long wait plus the weather was cold. Her answer was she wasn't able to celebrate coz she was tired and doesn't want the long wait too. Then I said, "Ok, then let's celebrate the Mother's Day today". haha We went to Longhorn coz I love their chocolate stampede dessert and my friend haven't tried it yet. We both had a salad, ordered grilled salmon with veggies and the chocolate stampede. We enjoyed the foods and of course the chitchats. We didn't eat all to make room for the dessert so we ask for a to go box and brought home the leftover. I'll eat the rest later. ^_^

The yummy chocolate stampede. (drool) ^_^


Lynn said...

better late than never pa rin sis.

unsa man ng chocolate stampede? being a chocolate person, naglaway ko nagbasa. pero wa ko nasayud unsa na though i know for sure nga lami jud na. chocolate na gud na! hehe.

Michelle said...

mao gyud sis, better late than never. mas maayo pa ang late kay di na crowded. nya naa dayon mi table pag abot namo, no need to wait for an hour or so. :)

naay pix sa chocolate stampede sis. i know you'll drool just by looking at it coz i am. haha as you can see in the pix, there are 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, 2 slices of i think chocolate ice cream cake. the ice cream cake itself has 4 layers of different chocolate thingy. the bottom part is the chocolate cake, next is i think chocolate ice cream, next is chocolate mousse and the top part is i think chocolate fudge. then they added the whipped cream on top of the ice cream cake and drizzled chocolate syrup on everything. my MIL loved this too. nikaon jud bisan busog na kaayo sya. she didn't expect that this one really taste soooo good. good for 2 na ni sya sis, affordable and cheaper than other resto's dessert. we always bring home the leftover and it still taste great the next day. ^_^

Lynn said...

the picture wasn't here before no? hehe. but yes, that looks really yummy. fave baya nako ang chocolate mousse. BA loves vanilla bean ice cream so much. hmmm, unta lang matilawan nako ni puhon. laway...

NovaS said...

belated hapi mom's day nimo Chel... wow kalami pud aning inyon dessert oi...

Michelle said...

Lynn: o, ako nang gi add ang pic after nako ni gi post. makatilaw ra unya ka ana sis once naa naka diri. :)

NovaS: thanks Nov! lami jud ang dessert. usahay mao ra ni akong adtuon. hahaha