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Friday, May 21, 2010

Healthy and Heavenly Dessert

That's the dessert I made instead of going to Sonic's for their blast when I crave for it the other night. Hubby told me that craving for sweets is one sign that I'm losing weight. Huh! It's probably true coz yesterday when I weigh myself I lost a couple lbs. already. Hurrah! I was like a kid asking for this sweet treat blast from Sonic and hubby reminded me that I'm complaining about my growing tummy so he suggested to have a banana. Banana! My mind was enlightened as if there's a light bulb turned ON after he mentioned the banana. I then started to think and imagine how to beat the sonic's blast with the banana. Good thing we have watermelon, cereals and peanuts so I combine them all and Voila! A healthy and filling dessert. I'm glad hubby was there to help me beat my craving. He's an angel. ^_^

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