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Monday, July 5, 2010

July the 4th Fireworks

Hubby and I talked about the firework show yesterday and decided to try bringing Claira and crossing our fingers that Claira won't be screaming once she hears the "kaboom" noise from the fireworks. Claira enjoyed watching the fireworks and was even concentrating looking at them. It was a 5 mins. fireworks show nonstop and she was just watching the fireworks and almost don't wanna blink her eyes. We're glad with the result eventhough we waited for an hour before we're able to go home because of the traffic. :)


NovaS said...

oh we missed the fireworks here theres no sense of watching it for now as our son is too little that he might end up crying because he is scared with the loud noises...

Michelle said...

yeah, maybe next year you'll son will enjoy watching the fireworks na. :)