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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to School

Claira's back in school today. She's not too excited about it when she saw her play dough but she have to go coz we're paying for it and I know she'll enjoy once she's there with other friends.  We arrived school late as always and found out that Claira's best buddy Araka the only black girl in the class moved to another State so now they are accepting new student in the class.  I was waiting for this oppurtunity that Claira can go to school on Thursday so she'll be in school 4 times a week coz now she's in school Monday to Wednesday only.  They don't have school on Fridays so that doesn't count. I have to ask Claira if she wants to go to school for another day and ask hubby of what he think about it coz we have to pay more too.  Hmmm Think think think!

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