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Monday, January 9, 2012


Claira and I saw the Director of the Mother's Morning Out (Catholic School for Toddlers) today at Bath and Body Works.  She told Claira that they miss her today in School and I said "I thought the school starts tomorrow" and she said "No, the school starts today".  I checked the school schedule last week to make sure when Claira can go back to school and it says there that their Christmas break starts Dec. 16 -Jan. 9th. So I thought maybe they're going to clean up and arrange the room on Monday the 9th of January.  Then I told hubby when he came home and he said "It's strange to go back to school on Tuesday but they don't know what they're doing".  Geee If I only knew that the school starts today then I should've brought her tuition with me and didn't mail it.  Next time I'll ask if what's written in their booklet is correct or a typo.  Grrrrr

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