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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Perfect Pandesal

I've been trying to make pandesal last month, thanks to the Junior Master Chef show thru TFCnow who inspire me to not be afraid of making a dough.  If the kids can do it, then I can too! And yes, if you think you can, you can.  Claira is showing my perfect pandesal that my friends feasted during the Christmas parties.  It's not easy to make this because of the long wait for the dough to rise but it's all worth it.  The positive comments I received from my friends who tried it melts my heart.  


NovaS said...

kalami sa imong pandesal...

Michelle said...

lami jud na nov. bisan akong bana nga di mahilig ug pan kay mokaon ani. :)

Lynn said...

bilib jud ko nimo, sis. di ba hago mag masa ana? :)

Michelle said...

ang stand mixer akong gi pa masa ug una then nipuli ra ko nga mix na ang tanan aron dili kapoy. hehe basta lami ang result, di naka kapuyan sa imong gihimo kay excited naman ka mokaon. :)