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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Claira's Little Kitchen

My little one has been seeing me cook and want to participate in the kitchen when I'm doing something so I bought her a little kitchen.  In that way she can imitate what I'm doing in the kitchen and not delaying me.  I let her watch me slice veggies and meat, saute, bake and etc. when she asked my permission.  Then we saw a bigger toy kitchen with storage, microwave and it has a nice sink just like the real thing.  It was expensive but the size is perfect for Claira.  I know she'll enjoy cooking with the bigger kitchen coz it looks real so we bought it as one of her Christmas gifts.  She now enjoy cooking there and play pretend that she's having a party.  Someday Claira will cook because it's fun to cook and not think that it's a chore.  

Her little kitchen in our dining room.
Claira slicing the toy red bell pepper.

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